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As web designers, we know that our work is our way of putting our stamp out there to be seen.


We take time and consideration when choosing everything; from color schemes to layouts and from content to our  own unique way to write code.

Our work always says something about us as designers, whether we mean it to or not. What does yours say about you?

Your design should be all about the user and their experience, while also ensuring you are communicating the whole purpose for the website.

Your design should be clean. If visitors have to search for content, chances are, they won’t! Keep it simple! The users experience is number one, especially if you want your website to be a success.

We need to focus our scope of web design innovation on ALL users, not just the users.


Insufficient White Space = Readability of Content Doesn’t Matter

White space is a powerful design tool. White space can spell the difference between making your content presentation pleasurable and easier to read or cramped and visually uncomfortable.


Mistakes in entering the correct URL are made often.

Some inbound links to your content may no longer exist, or may have been moved.

Sometimes, certain web pages on your site just stop working because of technical issues.

For events like these, we need to create and design a useful 404 error page — a page that doesn’t just restate what the user already knows (which is that they’ve lost their way).

Take as much care as you can in creating a comfortable, visually pleasing content presentation. This encourages site visitors to consume whatever content you’re offering.

3No Engagement Features = Not Interested in What Users Have to Say

Providing methods for your users to be able to contact you says that you care deeply about their experience on your site.

You’re saying that you value their feedback, whether it’s negative or positive.

Be it a commenting system, contact form, email, social networks, your help and support forums, a live chat widget — having these user engagement tools will show that you want to hear from them.

If you’re not providing them with opportunities of contacting you, then you’re effectively telling people that you don’t care about what they have to say.

So do you agree with what I’m saying? Do you  have other  tips? Please comment below 🙂